President Obama speaks about Stephen Cottrell, President and CEO of Authenticom & DealerVault

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On Thursday, July 2nd President Barack Obama visited the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus to speak on middle class economics. President Obama concluded his speech by recognizing the business practices of Stephen Cottrell, President and CEO of Authenticom & DealerVault.

The President gave an overview of Authenticom’s humble beginnings and recognized the company as a valuable asset to both the automotive industry and to the La Crosse community. He touched on the effect that the recent recession had on the automotive industry, and how such barriers didn’t hinder Steve’s efforts to grow his revenue since 2007 by investing in new people and new technology. As a result, the Authenticom family of companies (including DealerVault) has grown from 18 employees to over 120 today to become one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies. Obama applauded Steve’s organizational family unit philosophy by giving the examples of Authenticom’s efforts to support the continuation of education, pay employees fair wages, and guarantee paid sick days. Obama also acclaimed Steve’s sincere and impartial treatment of employees by referencing a popular office perk – free lunch Fridays.

The President quoted Steve in saying “If you treat everybody like family, that’s good for us.” Then he went on to say, “What’s true for Steve’s business is true for America.” -President Barack Obama, July 2nd 2015, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

YouTube video of Obama’s section on Steve & Authenticom:

Article on the front page of the La Crosse Tribune:

The DealerVault/Authenticom family is truly honored to have received this recognition, and we are so proud of our CEO Steve Cottrell!


About DealerVault by Authenticom

DealerVault® by Authenticom™ is a data integration tool that provides transparency and control into dealership data. Through an easy-to-use web interface, users have access to single-click feed activation, deactivation and field customization. DealerVault is backed by a multi-million dollar cyber-liability insurance policy. Authenticom is a leading source of dealer management system integration and enterprise-level data enhancement solutions for automotive marketing agencies, CRM systems, and third-party service providers. The company integrates with 75 dealer management systems and connects with over 16,000 automotive dealerships across North America. Authenticom is a privately-held corporation founded by Stephen Cottrell in 2002 and is headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
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