GrowthFX joins the DealerVault Network


GrowthFX provides customer engagement and sales alignment products for the automotive industry. Founder Ted Carpenter of ClickPath/Who’s Calling envisions driving substantial growth for the entire industry with the company’s new GFX platform, a set of tools designed to optimize the most critical step of the purchase equation: the sales rep-to-prospect interaction

Research shows that consumers are changing many aspects of their behavior in the era of pervasive social media, and that dealerships can benefit by embracing these changes.

One could say that GFX is the of the automotive industry, by helping shoppers engage on a personal level with a highly-aligned sales professional before ever walking into the dealership.

GrowthFX considers DealerVault an essential partner, as their PRO:file solution depends on a tightly integrated DMS relationship. Dependable, ongoing sales, service, and inventory data is critical to their success and the value their clients expect them to deliver.

For more information, please visit GrowthFX’s website.

The DealerVault Network allows third party solution providers to actively support dealerships’ desire to take back control of their data. This platform creates a win-win for vendors and dealerships alike. Dealerships are empowered with control over their data while utilizing the DealerVault tool at no charge, and Vendors are able to actively support their desired effort.

DealerVault is excited to have GrowthFX join us in our endeavor to revolutionize the automotive industry by putting dealerships back in control of their data!



About DealerVault by Authenticom

DealerVault® by Authenticom™ is a data integration tool that provides transparency and control into dealership data. Through an easy-to-use web interface, users have access to single-click feed activation, deactivation and field customization. DealerVault is backed by a multi-million dollar cyber-liability insurance policy. Authenticom is a leading source of dealer management system integration and enterprise-level data enhancement solutions for automotive marketing agencies, CRM systems, and third-party service providers. The company integrates with 75 dealer management systems and connects with over 16,000 automotive dealerships across North America. Authenticom is a privately-held corporation founded by Stephen Cottrell in 2002 and is headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
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